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2023–2024 Higher Ed CMO Study

The Higher Ed CMO Has Arrived

And So Have Expectations

For over a decade, SimpsonScarborough has conducted the Higher Ed CMO Study to help advance the role of senior marketing leaders. This year's study is no different. We've gathered insights from over 250 institutions into four key chapters to help you evolve as a marketing leader and make a difference for the institution you serve.

Budgets & Staffing

The gap between institutions thriving and barely surviving has never felt so significant. And that variability has carried through to the marketing investments and resourcing reported this year.

Releasing March 21

Job Satisfaction & Efficiency

As higher ed grows more complex, so does the role of the higher ed CMO. How can senior marketing leaders continue to grow amid financial constraints and increased responsibilities?

Releasing April 25

Higher Ed Websites

Institutions report declining martech budgets and challenges in hiring for digital positions. An institution’s website is often its most valuable marketing asset—so who is taking care of it?

Releasing May 16

Brand Measurement

In an era where higher education increasingly prioritizes performance-driven brands, the ability to measure brand impact—beyond enrollment and rankings—is paramount.

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